Farad has been a part of The STARS Foundation for five years. She takes a variety of classes, including violin, clogging, ballet, tumbling, jazz/hip hop, 

Student Spotlight

The Mission

The STARS Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to expose the area's youth and adults to the fine arts in exchange for services to their local communities.

and vocal lessons. Her favorite thing about STARS is being with others and being involved in the fine arts. Her favorite STARS memory is clogging in Nashville, TN, for Nationals this year. She is pictured here with the competitive clogging team (front row, third from left). 

The Vision

  • A Mother's Heart3:39

Disney's Frozen Jr.

October 18,19,25,26 Fridays at 7

and Saturdays at 3 & 7


Melba Theater, Houston

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Our goal is to expose all citizens to the fine arts starting in cabool, missouri, with the objective of sharing the program nationwide.