The Vision

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Cinderella Kids

Theater Camp 

August 7 - August 12

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The Mission

The STARS Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to expose the area's youth and adults to the fine arts in exchange for services to their local communities.

Our goal is to expose all citizens to the fine arts starting in cabool, missouri, with the objective of sharing the program nationwide.

Ali has been a part of STARS for almost a year, and she takes clogging, piano, art, and jazz/hip hop classes. Her favorite thing about STARS is all the positive students and teachers she’s met and all the new friends she’s made. “I’m excited to take more classes and build on what I have learned!” says Ali. 

Ali had a lot of fun at her first-ever STARS play, “James and the Giant Peach, Jr.” She had a main part as the Ladybug and says she learned so much. Ali also loved the Variety Show last November, saying, “It was so much fun to watch all the different STARS classes perform together at one event.”

Student Spotlight

Clogging camp, Ballet camp

Dance Camps

August 1 - August 3

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