At STARS, you'll find a unique curriculum designed to teach students at their actual level of ability, rather than a textbook definition of ability, and a positive atmosphere that enhances learning.

The curriculum at STARS was created by Founder and Executive Director Rebecca Peterson. Based on theoretical methods, the students learn at their own pace. As time passes, one student will teach another what they themselves have just mastered, continuing the cycle of learning. 

The bond between teacher and student is encouraged, and over time the instructor becomes more like a mentor. Our students excel with encouragement from their peers, instructors, and mentors in a supportive and positive environment.

This immersion-style program helps students use their skills, rather than just practice them. For example, a music student learning violin will play with the orchestra, or an art student will help create sets for theatre productions. Applying their newfound knowledge helps cement classroom instruction and allows students to give back to the community through the arts. By providing a variety of classes, The STARS Foundation is able to integrate all aspects of fine arts into one program. 

Our curriculum is not designed to replace public school activities; rather it is meant to enhance students' overall knowledge and performance.


"You're basically allowing the students to absorb what they are capable of, and as they learn it, they apply it, and then they teach it." 

-Rebecca Peterson, Founder and Executive Director