I would like to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for believing in all of us. Thank you for the opportunities, thank you for the brilliance you have to provide such an amazing program. So many depend on STARS and the teachings you offer. You're not just a teacher Rebecca, you're a mentor and mom and ear, a caregiver for those that need to feel love and support. You're a ride, a meal, a giggle, you my friend are what this program is all about. An audience is great, but the greater gift is touching one life that may feel they do not have a purpose until they walk through the door. You're tough at times but what leader isn't. You have every quality I strive to have. My daughter said the other day, "mom I like that we have a place to feel safe." That for me means the world. I personally could never repay you for all you do for everyone. I know I speak for all of us, thank u and we love you. 


I had a fantastic time at the clogging workshop and my son is loving the theater workshop! It's a fantastic place to be.

I wanted to add another huge thank you to Rebecca and everyone else at Stars. I took Dallas to the Monster Truck parade a week ago and he walked up to each guy standing next to a truck and asked them if they were the driver and then if he could have their autograph. He would not have done 5 weeks ago. He gained so much confidence in himself being with all of the amazing people at Stars and doing the play. Thank you all so much!


Love, love, love this foundation and the folks that put in so many hours here.


Our family is so thankful for this program and its staff.


​I absolutely love this program and oh how much you all have blossomed from the beginning!! I really just want to say thank you for all that you guys do, I think it's absolutely wonderful that kids have a place to expand, express, teach, learn the arts and much more. My family and I watched the Jungle Book performance amongst the clogging, and other acts performed and we all LOVED it!!! Every single one of you did such an amazing job! Keep up the hardwork guys, you're all stars!!!!


Extremely greatful our children have this opportunity!

Stars is absolutely amazing! All very talented, caring, sweet, loving people. Such a positive vibe as soon as you walk into the room.


Rebecca, I just wanted to say thank you again for the tumbling class. Dalton is still talking about how much fun he had yesterday (that never happens). It brings a smile to my face and to my heart to know that my children can both enjoy something together. Hannah, and you have a true gift from God and it's so refreshing to be able to see how faithful, hard work and determination can continue to succeed. Thank you for everything, you have truly made a me a Happy Momma!


Brooke loves playing again. We are so blessed to have STARS in our area. Rebecca Peterson is passionate about her work.


Extremely grateful our children have this opportunity!


Dear Rebecca Peterson,

You have made my life so enjoyable and I will always be grateful to you. Words just cannot simply express how thankful I am to be part of the Stars Foundation, but thank you for everything that you have done for me. I was a lot of work to straighten me up to be an orchestra performer, but you took me serious and helped me to become one. You and your entire family inspires me so much to push myself in my musical abilities and simply being a better person. I will always want to be part of the Stars Foundation and be a proud supporter of it. Your orchestra has given me more happiness and joy in one year than in my entire life. Every time I walk inside the Stars Foundation, a smile forms on my face and any weight on my shoulders just melts away. I am just so thankful that you relighted the fire in my heart for the beauty of music. There is noting more that I want, than to see the Stars Foundation grow and flourish. You truly have something special and beautiful, I just wish everyone could see the beauty in it and be part of it. I remember the very first day at orchestra, I was so nervous about messing up and disappointing you. I have came so far from that moment in time, thanks to you and your family. It overwhelms me when everybody plays a piece of music perfectly in rhythm, time and pitch. To me, thats when the beauty of what it do is at it’s peak, when peace and harmony perfectly combine to open the window of our soul and let the light of hope and love in. I wish I was able to be with Stars Foundation sooner Mrs. Rebecca. I wonder how good of a violinist I would have been if I had more time? Still though, I did not have the time or can I change it. The only thing I can do is stop imagining and wishing what I could have been or done and actually become a professional violinist. I know one day I will be, but I also know it will be through a lot of hard work and dedication. It’s a long road, but one that I want to take. Maybe one day you will hear me performing music with a huge orchestra, band, or maybe just on my own. Besides God, who knows right. I just know that if this is what I want to do, that it will be through my decisions and actions and a lot of help from the Lord to do it. All I can say is thank you. What I am thinking though is how two short simple words can express what I feel and what I have received, a lifetime of joy, happiness, and hope? Ralph Emerson once said, “love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art”. Thank you for making a difference in my life, to see this art, to see this beauty, and know I will always be thankful. Thank you for everything.


Dear Mrs. Peterson, During my attendance at the Missouri Scholar’s Academy, part of my curriculum was taking a Personal and Social Dynamics course, or PSD. For one of our PSD activities, we were instructed to write about a person we admire (and consequently a letter to them), and I chose to write about you. I admire you both as a teacher and a musician, but more importantly as a person. Your unrelenting kindness and your devotion to your organization, your family and your students inspires me. Although I often joke about the fact that your angry is still nicer than most people’s nice, I sincerely do mean it. And despite all your incredible talent and I’m sure opportunity, you chose to simply share the gift of music with others, and that is one of the most genuinely generous things I have ever seen, and I would just like to think you for that sincerely. I know that this last orchestra concert cycle I may have seemed undevoted to the foundation, and I apologize for that and promise to be better. But once again, thank you for the aid and inspiration. I hope to see you this fall!


(The following letter appeared in The Cabool Enterprise, May 16, 2013.)

To the editor: Wow, what a wonderful surprise! You folks who live in Cabool and the surrounding towns have a treasure within your midst. I am speaking of Rebecca Peterson. This talented wonder woman gives unselfishly of herself, her time, and her talent to bring an outstanding program to anyone who wants to take advantage of it to learn, progress and improve. Last week I was simply visiting my cousin, Louise Crosbie, who lives in Cabool, when I was treated to a joyful evening of “Alice in Wonderland,” an excellent production put on by the STARS Foundation. I understand that this is a non-profit organization started by Rebecca to expose the community youths and adults to the fine arts in exchange for their services to the community. The kids are talented and love what they are doing. Mrs. Peterson is talented and loves what she is doing, and her hard work, professionalism and high standards bring outstanding results. I am already looking forward to my next visit to Cabool in anticipation of hearing the orchestra perform, and maybe even be lucky enough to enjoy another stage production. America is full of talent, and you folks are so fortunate to have Rebecca Peterson to nurture it and bring it into full bloom. Cabool, you are so blessed!

Mary Payne

Southaven, Mississippi

My family learned about the STARS Foundation after attending a production of “The Jungle Book Kids”.  We were blown away by the performances of the actors and musicians, and knew right away that we wanted to get involved.  We enrolled our oldest son, seven year old Jackson, and he is now learning to play the violin.  The whole family is learning right along with him – we’re having a blast!  Jackson has earned his service hours volunteering at our local library.  We also have plans to pick up trash along county roads in our community.  The STARS Foundation has provided a great opportunity for our son, and we look forward to seeing him grow as a musician, and in the ways he will learn to serve those around him.


Our children look forward to going to music class.  We appreciate the time, talents, efforts and commitment of the entire Peterson family, of the STARS Foundation. The Burke Family

(The following letter appeared in The Cabool Enterprise, March, 2012.)

Dear Editor, A couple of weeks ago I was visiting my cousin, who lives near Cabool, and she invited me to attend a rehearsal of the STARS Foundation’s youth orchestra.  Out of courtesy to my cousin I went, but I did not expect to have a very good time.  Student orchestras can be pretty awful.  Boy, was I wrong!  Instead, I enjoyed one of the most delightful musical experiences I have in years. The STARS orchestra is an amazing group, composed of students from elementary school through to high school age.  They were performing classical pieces of considerable difficulty and doing quite well, certainly beyond any ordinary expectation for such a diverse group. The reason for this level of achievement lies with their director-teacher, Rebecca Peterson, who has somehow developed a system that allows the members of the orchestra to quickly learn to play together.  Simply put, the woman is a wonder! I hope that the schools, churches and civic organizations of Cabool will realize what a wonderful asset they have in the STARS orchestra and invite them to perform in their auditoriums, sanctuaries and meeting rooms.  Not only will they enjoy some wonderful musical performances, but some of their children may be encouraged to develop their own musical talents. I intend to schedule my next visit to Cabool so that I can attend an actual performance, and not just a rehearsal, of the STARS orchestra.


Larry Sprecher

Portland, Oregon