​Agreement to Participate

​By submitting this application, I understand and agree that the STARS staff, directors, and officers will have full rights, title, and interest in my performance and lessons. I release the STARS Foundation and anyone involved from any and all liability arising out of his or her use of my likeness. I further agree not to make any claim against the STARS program as a result of the recording and/or use of my likeness. I hold the STARS program harmless against any and all loss, abuse, damage, death, and/or injury to myself arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with my participation in the program. This also applies to anyone directly or indirectly involved with me participating in this program.

​I understand that I will be subjected to appear in the realty show Really Cool Humans, which will be filming two seasons’ worth of episodes with the STARS Foundation and its programs.

​​I commit to this program as a whole and will participate in all required classes and performances. I understand that there are two (2) required concerts each year, one in the fall and one in the spring (music students only). My family will also assist with two (2) fundraisers each year and one (1) assignment contributing to a STARS Foundation performance. 

I have read and understand the following additions to this agreement:

​Rules and Regulations

Tuition and Payments

Student Handbook: Dance/Music/Theatre

​Syllabus - Art/Theatre/Clogging

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Scheduling and Information

Please join the "Stars Foundation Students" Facebook group and/or visit the Blog often for updates and information about scheduling, cancellations, and other important notifications.​

Student Registration

PLEASE NOTE: Students will not be allowed to register for classes until all past-due balances are paid in full.
Registration Fee is $5 per student and must be paid prior to beginning classes.

For more than 4 students please repeat as needed.

Registration Form

Make a secure payment through PayPal. An account is not required. Add Registration Fee for each student. Includes handling fee charged by PayPal.

To register for classes please fill out the form below. By clicking "Submit," you agree to all terms and conditions outlined under "Agreement to Participate" section.​​