Music lessons are offered Monday through Thursday based on availability.

Please see Class Schedule for lesson times.

Lessons for all instruments:

  • Piano
  • Vocal
  • Brass*
  • Strings*
  • Woodwind*
  • Percussion*

(*instruments provided)

The Philosophy and Mission of the music program is

  • To nurture the artistic spirit in each individual and foster a lifelong love of music and learning through a wide varied repertoire.
  • To help each student achieve his or her highest musical potential through performance, technique, theory, sight-reading, music history, composition, ear training, and memorization.
  • To have fun while learning! 

​​The study of a musical instrument fosters a lifelong skill plus the appreciation and understanding of music. In addition to the joy that comes with progress on one’s instrument is the added benefit of intellectual and creative growth, self-discipline, poise, and confidence.

The goal of the instructor is to inspire students to love music and to develop their potential through the study of primarily classical music (as well as other styles), technique, theory, sight-reading, ear- training, memorization, and performance. Playing by ear, composing, ensemble playing, and accompanying are also encouraged.

Mrs. Peterson’s teaching style reflects her experience as a performer. She is able to share with her students the path to polished playing for efficient learning based on real life experience. She encourages them to share their polished music with family and friends, at retirement homes, for competitions or festivals, or for recitals.

The partnership between the student, parents, and teacher is essential for success. Our instructors are committed to the student’s musical growth and look forward to sharing with the student the gift that lasts a lifetime.