Clogging on Monday and Friday

​​Ballet on Tuesday

Private lessons on Wednesday

Jazz/Hip hop and Tumbling on Thursday

​Mountain View classes on Friday

See Class Schedule for more information.

Our students benefit from dance training through:

  • Physical discipline and general body awareness and control.
  • A sense of physical and mental confidence.
  • Development of social interaction through friendships.
  • An understanding of the relationship between music, rhythm, and controlled movement.
  • An insight into art forms associated with dance. 

Ballet Curriculum is based on Cecchetti Council of America's Graded Lessons in Classical Ballet Technique. Click HERE for more information on the Cecchetti Method. Pre-ballet (ages 4-5) introduces children to ballet, emphasizing basic positions, ballet steps, and terminology. The Student Division (ages 6 and up) emphasizes basics while developing coordination, grace, and discipline. The curriculum builds strength in fundamentals and vocabulary. There is an emphasis on correct body placement and alignment. The program provides a solid foundation in traditional classical training for serious students as well as developing an appreciation of the art. ​